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Standalone Browser Scripts

Each standalone release script is available at

The current version is 0.19.3 and can be referenced as follows:

<!-- use version 0.19.3 -->
<script lang="javascript" src=""></script>

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A number of services host older versions of the SheetJS libraries. Due to syncing issues, they are generally out of date.

They are known CDN bugs. is the authoritative source for SheetJS modules.

Browser Scripts

xlsx.full.min.js is the complete standalone script. It includes support for reading and writing many spreadsheet formats.

<!-- use xlsx.full.min.js from version 0.19.3 -->
<script lang="javascript" src=""></script>

A slimmer build is generated at dist/ Compared to full build:

  • codepage library skipped (no support for XLS encodings)
  • no support for XLSB / XLS / Lotus 1-2-3 / SpreadsheetML 2003 / Numbers
  • node stream utils removed
How to integrate the mini build (click to show)

Replace references to xlsx.full.min.js with Starting from scratch, a single script tag should be added at the top of the HTML page:

<!-- use from version 0.19.3 -->
<script lang="javascript" src=""></script>

Internet Explorer and Older Browsers

For broad compatibility with JavaScript engines, the library is written using ECMAScript 3 language dialect. A "shim" script provides implementations of functions for older browsers and environments.

Due to SSL compatibility issues, older versions of IE will not be able to use the CDN scripts directly. They should be downloaded and saved to a public directory in the site:

Add a script reference to the shim before the standalone script:

<!-- add the shim first -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="shim.min.js"></script>
<!-- after the shim is referenced, add the library -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="xlsx.full.min.js"></script>

Web Workers

The standalone scripts can be loaded using importScripts at the top of the worker scripts:


ECMAScript Module Imports


This section refers to imports using script type="module". For imports in modern projects using Webpack or React or Angular or VueJS, the installation is described in the next section.

The ECMAScript Module build is saved to xlsx.mjs and can be directly added to a page with a script tag using type="module":

<script type="module">
import { read, writeFileXLSX } from "";

If Encoding support is required, cpexcel.full.mjs must be manually imported:

<script type="module">
/* load the codepage support library for extended support with older formats */
import { set_cptable } from "";
import * as cptable from '';

Dynamic imports with import() can be used in data export scenarios. This example will download the library only when the export button is pressed:

<button id="xport">Export</button>
<script type="module">
xport.addEventListener("click", async() => {

/* dynamically import the library in the event listener */
const XLSX = await import("");

const wb = XLSX.utils.book_new();
const ws = XLSX.utils.aoa_to_sheet([["a","b","c"],[1,2,3]]);
XLSX.utils.book_append_sheet(wb, ws, "Sheet1");
XLSX.writeFile(wb, "SheetJSESMTest.xlsx");

Web Worker support is noted in the demo



Bower is deprecated and the maintainers recommend using other tools.

The Bower package manager plays nice with the CDN tarballs:

npx bower install

Bower will place the standalone scripts in bower_components/js-xlsx/dist/