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Desktop Applications

SheetJS is a JavaScript library for reading and writing data from spreadsheets.

Web technologies including JavaScript and HTML can power traditional software.

This demo covers a number of desktop app frameworks. In each demo, we will build an app that uses SheetJS libraries to read and write spreadsheet files.


There are two different integration strategies. The "WebView" strategy embeds a mini web browser and adds supporting native components. The "Engine" strategy uses an embedded JavaScript engine that fits into the desktop app.


WebViews are special web browser components designed to be embedded within apps. As the browser components are available across all major platforms, desktop apps can use the WebView as the main user interface. This approach allows small teams to build software that works across operating systems and architectures.

The app is designed in HTML and CSS. Web Frameworks can be used but are typically not required.


JavaScript engines including V8 can be directly added to traditional desktop software. This approach is explored in greater detail in the "JavaScript Engines" demo.

Desktop Apps

Desktop app frameworks bundle a JavaScript engine and a windowing framework to enable graphical apps. SheetJS is compatible with many app frameworks.

Demos for common desktop tools are included in separate pages:

Desktop Recommendation

Electron is the most established and widely-used framework. With deep support for NodeJS modules and consistent user interfaces, it is the recommended choice for new projects and for web developers.

Frameworks like Wails are compelling alternatives for teams with experience in other programming languages.

Frameworks like React Native generate applications that use native UI elements.

Platform Support

The following frameworks have been tested on the following platforms:

Command-Line Tools

The exposition has been moved to a separate page.