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Cloud Platforms

Cloud platforms can provide remote storage, compute, and other infrastructure. SheetJS libraries are written in pure JavaScript and are readily integrated in cloud platforms. Some platform-specific configuration may be required.

Platform as a Service

Cloud PaaS typically offer extensibility through client-side scripts or special code that is run in NodeJS or RhinoJS or other engines:

Cloud Compute

Cloud computing is commonly offered as "serverless" functions, small snippets of code that are run in NodeJS or other server-side JS platforms. While SheetJS libraries can run in server-side environments, the cloud platforms can corrupt form data. This can be disabled with cloud-specific configuration:

Cloud Storage

The primary pitfall with cloud storage is binary data mangling. Spreadsheet files typically contain binary characters. Cloud storage APIs can corrupt binary data, so special care must be taken.

File Hosting

File hosting services provide simple solutions for storing data, synchronizing files across devices, and sharing with specific users or customers. Demos:

Cloud Data

Cloud Data Platforms are popular storage media for structured data, typically offering APIs for programmatic data ingress and egress. Demos: