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Web Frameworks

Web frameworks help provide structure to modern web applications. Opinionated structures help keep development teams aligned and make code reuse viable.

SheetJS libraries are written in pure JavaScript and are readily integrated in web applications using any framework. As each framework has its own ecosystem, the demos focus on how SheetJS data concepts map to common ecosystem patterns.

Web Frameworks

Demos for popular frameworks are included in separate pages:

Legacy frameworks including KnockoutJS are covered in the "Legacy" section.


It is strongly recommended to use a framework. While modern websites can be built without frameworks, the framework ecosystems have battle-tested solutions for organizing data, page updates / routing, and other common problems.

It is strongly recommended to stick with familiar frameworks. Teams well-versed in Angular should continue using Angular. Teams well-versed in ReactJS should continue using ReactJS. For common problems, there are official or community solutions using any framework.

Greenfield projects can be built with any framework. The popular frameworks have large ecosystems and many talented developers for hire. At the time of writing, ReactJS has the largest developer pool and module ecosystem.

Bundlers and Tooling

Modern web applications are designed to be woven using CommonJS or ECMAScript modules. A "bundler" will combine application code and modules to produce a final website that can be deployed.

The "Bundler" subsection covers a number of common bundlers and build tools.

The following demos are in separate pages: