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React Datagrid


This demo was last tested on 2023 April 18 with react-data-grid 7.0.0-beta.28, create-react-app 5.0.1 and React 18.2.0.

The demo creates a site that looks like the screenshot below:

react-data-grid screenshot

Integration Details

Rows and Columns state

react-data-grid state consists of an Array of column metadata and an Array of row objects. Typically both are defined in state:

import DataGrid, { Column } from "react-data-grid";

export default function App() {
const [rows, setRows] = useState([]);
const [columns, setColumns] = useState([]);

return ( <DataGrid columns={columns} rows={rows} onRowsChange={setRows} /> );

The most generic data representation is an array of arrays. To sate the grid, columns must be objects whose key property is the index converted to string:

import { WorkSheet, utils } from 'xlsx';
import { textEditor, Column } from "react-data-grid";

type Row = any[];
type AOAColumn = Column<Row>;
type RowCol = { rows: Row[]; columns: AOAColumn[]; };

function ws_to_rdg(ws: WorkSheet): RowCol {
/* create an array of arrays */
const rows = utils.sheet_to_json(ws, { header: 1 });

/* create column array */
const range = utils.decode_range(ws["!ref"]||"A1");
const columns = Array.from({ length: range.e.c + 1 }, (_, i) => ({
key: String(i), // RDG will access row["0"], row["1"], etc
name: utils.encode_col(i), // the column labels will be A, B, etc
editor: textEditor // enable cell editing

return { rows, columns }; // these can be fed to setRows / setColumns

In the other direction, a worksheet can be generated with aoa_to_sheet:

import { WorkSheet, utils } from 'xlsx';

type Row = any[];

function rdg_to_ws(rows: Row[]): WorkSheet {
return utils.aoa_to_sheet(rows);

When the demo was last refreshed, row array objects were preserved. This was not the case in a later release. The row arrays must be re-created.

The snippet defines a arrayify function that creates arrays if necessary.

import { WorkSheet, utils } from 'xlsx';

type Row = any[];

function arrayify(rows: any[]): Row[] {
return => {
var length = Object.keys(row).length;
for(; length > 0; --length) if(row[length-1] != null) break;
return Array.from({length, ...row});

function rdg_to_ws(rows: Row[]): WorkSheet {
return utils.aoa_to_sheet(arrayify(rows));


1) Create a new TypeScript create-react-app app:

npx create-react-app sheetjs-rdg --template typescript
cd sheetjs-rdg

2) Install dependencies:

npm i -S react-data-grid

3) Download App.tsx and replace src/App.tsx.

curl -L -o src/App.tsx

4) run npm start. When you load the page in the browser, it will attempt to fetch and load the data.