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Sheets in Dojo Sites

Dojo Toolkit is a JavaScript toolkit for building user interfaces. It includes solutions for code loading and DOM manipulation.

SheetJS is a JavaScript library for reading and writing data from spreadsheets.

This demo uses Dojo Toolkit and SheetJS to process and generate spreadsheets. We'll explore how to load SheetJS using Dojo loader and perform common tasks.


The "AMD" instructions includes details for using SheetJS with require.

The demos in this section use the async loading strategy with the SheetJS CDN:

/* configure package paths */
dojoConfig = {
packages: [
/* Dojo only supports the name "xlsx" for the script */
name: "xlsx",
/* `location` omits trailing slash */
location: "",
/* `main` omits the ".js" extension */
main: "xlsx.full.min"
<!-- load dojo.js -->
<script src="dojo.js" data-dojo-config="isDebug:1, async:1"></script>
/* specify "xlsx" in the module array */
["dojo/request/xhr", "xlsx"],
/* the name of the variable should not be _XLSX ! */
function(xhr, _XLSX) {
/* XLSX-related operations happen in the callback. Use the global `XLSX` */

The official Google CDN does not have the newest releases of Dojo Toolkit

This is a known Google CDN bug.

The script was fetched from the official 1.17.3 uncompressed release artifact1.

Live Demos

Tested Deployments

The demos were last tested on 2023-12-04.

Demos exclusively using Dojo Core were tested using Dojo Toolkit 1.17.3.

Demos using dijit or dojox were tested using Dojo Toolkit 1.14.1. This was the latest version available on the Google CDN.


Parsing Remote Files

When fetching spreadsheets with XHR, handleAs: "arraybuffer" yields an ArrayBuffer which can be passed to the SheetJS read method.

The following example generates a HTML table from the first worksheet:

<div id="tbl"></div>
require(["dojo/request/xhr", "xlsx"], function(xhr, _XLSX) {
xhr("", {
headers: { "X-Requested-With": null },
handleAs: "arraybuffer"
}).then(function(ab) {
/* read ArrayBuffer */
var wb =;
/* display first worksheet data */
var ws = wb.Sheets[wb.SheetNames[0]];
document.getElementById("tbl").innerHTML = XLSX.utils.sheet_to_html(ws);

The X-Requested-With header setting resolves some issues related to CORS.

Writing Local Files

The SheetJS writeFile method attempts to create and download a file:

require(["xlsx"], function(_XLSX) {
/* create a sample workbook */
var ws = XLSX.utils.aoa_to_sheet(["SheetJS".split(""), [5,4,3,3,7,9,5]]);
var wb = XLSX.utils.book_new(); XLSX.utils.book_append_sheet(wb, ws, "Sheet1");
/* create an XLSX file and try to save to SheetJSDojo.xlsx */
XLSX.writeFile(workbook, "SheetJSDojo.xlsx");

Data Stores

dojo/store2 is the primary interface for working with structured data.

Importing Data

The SheetJS sheet_to_json method can generate an array of arrays that can back a dojo/store/Memory store.

The following example fetches a test file, creates a Memory store from the data in the first worksheet, and assigns to a dijit UI Widget:

"dojo/ready", "dojo/request/xhr", "dojo/store/Memory", "dijit/registry", "xlsx"
], function(ready, xhr, Memory, registry, _XLSX) {
ready(function() {
/* fetch test file */
xhr("", {
headers: { "X-Requested-With": null },
handleAs: "arraybuffer"
}).then(function(ab) {
/* parse ArrayBuffer */
var wb =;
/* get first worksheet */
var ws = wb.Sheets[wb.SheetNames[0]];
/* generate row objects from first worksheet */
const aoo = XLSX.utils.sheet_to_json(ws);

/* generate memory store and assign to combo box */
var store = new Memory({ data: aoo });
registry.byId("widget").store = store;

Exporting Data

Starting from a data store, query results are arrays of objects. Worksheets can be created using the SheetJS json_to_sheet method:

function export_all_data_from_store(store) {
require(["xlsx"], function(_XLSX) {
/* pull all data rows from the store */
var rows = store.query(function() { return true; });

/* generate SheetJS worksheet */
var ws = XLSX.utils.json_to_sheet(rows);

/* generate SheetJS workbook and write to XLSX */
var wb = XLSX.utils.book_new();
XLSX.utils.book_append_sheet(wb, ws, "Export");
XLSX.writeFile(wb, "SheetJSDojoExport.xlsx");


  1. All Dojo Toolkit releases are available at The mirrored dojo.js corresponds to the 1.17.3 uncompressed script

  2. See dojo/store in the Dojo Toolkit documentation.